Opposed to charging massive fees to build you your own e-commerce site, we spent that time and built our own platform, so you don't have to.


This means you don't have to spend 70K on your store, we build it into your website.

The result?

You can control all your sales, invoice, and manage deliveries when you log into the Wolfkraft e-commerce panel.


Choose your requirements below.




You will gain access through our Wolfkraft e-Commerce portal where you can view orders, mark them as shipped or simply see the overview of your products. Send invoices, download statements and even giving your clients click & collect feature if they wanted to!


You can manage stock, change products at any time, run sales or have coupons for that "one" customer.

We always assist if you need help, and with the Professional + Unlimited package you get a dedicated account manager. This means you simply forward us your items and we update, change and assist where you need - giving you valued time to run your business.



Shopping Experience

Adaptive Storefront Widget (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Favorites/Wish list (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Single product widgets

Faceted search and product display filters: by keywords, attributes, price range, category

Products already in cart are marked in product list, making shopping easier

Real-time shipping estimates based on customer IP Yes Yes Yes

Customer can create profile or checkout without creating profile (configurable)

Address book for customers with profiles

Media rich category and product descriptions

Accept the Terms and Conditions before ordering

Next / Previous product navigation links

Storefront for old feature phones

Automatic price adjustment for product options

Fast content delivery with CDN


Catalog Management

Inventory tracking

Product options (Drop-down, Radio Buttons, Text, Date Picker, File, Checkboxes)

Stock control for options & product combinations


E-goods download protection

Customers can attach files to orders

Product can be in more than one category

Product types and attributes

Multi-currency support


Shipping and Tax

Delivery zones

Shipping configuration wizard

Flexibly configurable Shipping/Tax zones, rates and rules

Real-time shipping quotes for UPS, USPS, FedEx

Use real-time quotes without setting account with carrier

Real-time shipment tracking

Handling fees (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Tax exempt customers

VAT reverse charge (Professional + unlimited plan only)

In-Store order pickup



Discount coupons

Volume discounts and multi-tier prices (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Sale and promotional price

Sell on eBay US (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Discounts for customer groups (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Facebook Like buttons

Facebook comments

Share purchase on Facebook, Twitter (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Share product on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr

Ask friends (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Basic affiliate features



Free Facebook integration app

Remarketing with Google Analytics

Google Shopping Feeds  (Professional + unlimited plan only)

ShopZilla (+Bizrate) Feeds  (Professional + unlimited plan only)

eBay Shopping Feeds (Shopping.com)  (Professional + unlimited plan only)

PriceGrabber Feeds  (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Nextag Comparison Platform Feeds  (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Yandex.Market Feed  (Professional + unlimited plan only)


Mobile Store Management Apps

Store Management App for iOS (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Store Management App for Android (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Inventory synchronization between smartphone and web store (Professional + unlimited plan only)



Customizable e-mail notifications

Order history for customers and administrator

Order email notifications to multiple recipients

Edit orders (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Admin private notes (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Track payment and shipping status

Customer IP in order details

Warning if IP is different from billing country

View unfinished orders

Invoice printing

Bulk invoice printing

Edit invoice (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Order comments field

Configurable min/max order amount limits (Professional + unlimited plan only)

Low stock notification

Set next order number


Data Management

CSV export for order, product and customer data

CSV import for product data

Configurable measurement units, date/time formats and currency symbol.

SEO - enabled





Safe and Secure Payments