Retainer on Demand

Projects come and go – agencies should not.
At Wolfkraft, we offer flexible retainers that help with fluctuating projects. We understand that when crunch time is on, you’ll need more hours, but can’t suffocate your budget during the quiet months; this is where we get budget-friendly and work according to your requirements. Flexible!

Why go with our flexible retainers?


Are you overspending this month? Use some of next month’s hours to breach the gap and save on your budget.

High Standards

We’re an award-winning and international agency – and our standards are set high. Only the best will do!

Personal touch

Need Illustrations?
Unique work?
All our items are custom made – no templates!

Priority support?

Need Priority turnaround time? Inquire about our VIP service to receive our first-in-line service.

Who is this Ideal for?

Scaling companies

Scaling up or down? Overheads are daunting, and with our service, you can work on a fixed budget each month. Scale up, or down as needed, just give us a heads up!

Dev houses

UX & UI Design? Ongoing Dev projects? We’re here for you – select how many hours you require each month and we’re it!



If your team needs a constant robust flow of artwork, designs or creative thinking, why not give us a go? We scale with your requirements and capacity is of no concern ever.

Past paced companies

A small or large company with a demanding hand? We’ve got you covered. Our VIP service will have you pushing out those last-minute projects in no time.

Our Retainer Packages

Small Companies
Large Companies

How does it work?

  • Flat rate package to fit your budget
  • Short or extra hours are used from other months and reset on 12month cycle where difference can be settled
  • NDA signed with each Retainer
  • No Contracts – but we need 30 days’ notice if canceled.
  • Hours may be used for Graphic, web, UI, and general design. (Photo, video, and development are charged at different rates)

For customised packages, speak to us, and we’ll build a package to fit your brand’s requirements.

Enquire about a solution