What is UX design?

UX design, or User Experience design is embracing design from the user’s point of view. It looks at the painpoints, the overal emotional experience, and ease of use.

Often UX Design is reffered to in digital terms, like apps or websites, but UX design is valuable throughout the brand’s deliverables – from packaging design to services offered

This is often determined using user testing, or smaller tools like heatmaps on websites as well as interviews. The feedback then gets reinterpreted, and designs are adjusted accordingly.

UX designers often do two things – One is to look at the entire holistic solution, but at the same time find the absolute core and essence of the product.

UX Design in websites

Traditionally we design websites with a UX mindset – it’s all about the user and we accommodate the thought process as we go along.

Every now and again, we find a brand who needs more than a website. They need to understand, receive feedback and really understand how they can improve their user’s experience.

This is where we pull the UX teams in. We’re talking research, User journies, heatmaps and even testing the experience on a global level. We help uncover what the users are really searching for – then we implement.

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